Rezone Albany


In December 2014 the City of Albany embarked on a new initiative to update and streamline the City's Zoning Code. The two-year effort resulted in a new Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance that better aligns with the City's priorities and promotes sustainable development.

Dover, Kohl & Partners teamed up with lead firm Clarion Associates to produce design standards and form-based zoning concepts for several key areas of the city. Dover-Kohl led a series of intensive public design workshops to create vision plans and draft form-based standards for four areas of the city. The first workshop in May 2015 focused on the Warehouse District just north of Downtown Albany; the second workshop in August 2015 focused on the Central & Manning neighborhood; the third workshop in December 2015 focused on the South End; and the fourth workshop in August 2017 focused on Sheridan Hollow.

The specific plans and form-based zoning standards for these neighborhoods are currently being incorporated into the new Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance.