Revitalizing South Miami

The Hometown Plan for South Miami is a downtown and main street revitalization project based on citizen participation, traditional town planning, and sustained economic development. Initiated over 16 years ago, the plan had been carried out through multiple changes in city administration and continues to be actively implemented today, with new streetscape improvements and infill buildings complimenting earlier improvements, creating a walkable, urban downtown for South Miami.

Victor Dover, Joe Kohl, Jason King, and Mayor Philip Stoddard along with several DKP designers explain the key steps to downtown & main street revitalization based on their own success story. Film by Jason King.


Seven50: The Regional Plan for Southeast Florida

Dover, Kohl & Partners continues to engage a host of leading experts and thousands of citizens across the seven-county region of Southeast Florida to implement a dynamic plan that guides decision-making as our region grows and evolves. Film by First & Main Media.


TEDx Coral Gables - Victor Dover on Street Trees

On April 8th 2015, Victor Dover spoke at the Coral Gables TEDx conference on the importance of street trees in transforming our streets into great places, and what that means for us as a culture.


On Our Wheels

This short film follows three young professionals in car-crazy South Florida who do a radical thing: They leave the car keys in their pockets-- using bikes and transit, and combinations thereof, instead-- to meet friends, go to and from work, and get around town. Created for WHEELS week, a mega-event spotlighting quicker, cheaper, healthier, more environmentally-friendly ways of getting around. Film by 5801 Productions.