Mediterranean Village Form-Based Code


With the intent to create an alternative to the current development regulations, the City of Coral Gables worked with Dover, Kohl & Partners to prepare a form-based code for a specific 6-acre district in the City’s downtown, soon-to-be the largest development in Coral Gables history. The current regulations lead to unpredictable results and, in some cases, have fallen short of ensuring the City’s desired outcome. The Mediterranean Village Form-Based PAD is based on street-type character and allows for buildings with a maximum habitable height of 17 stories. The regulations provide provisions for street-facing buildings, screened structured parking, high-quality public space and other ingredients to create a green, walkable and diverse environment. Strict Mediterranean style architectural requirements are included in the code, based on the proportions and details of the City’s historic buildings.

The City of Coral Gables City Commission adopted the Mediterranean Village Form-Based Planned Area Development on June 10, 2015. The Board of Architects is currently reviewing each building individually.