La Candelaria


La Candelaria occupies 12.7 acres of formerly developed land in the UNESCO world-heritage city of Antigua.  Antigua was the former Spanish colonial capital of Central America from 1543 to 1773 when the capital was then moved to Guatemala City.  As it was virtually abandoned for more than 150 years, the city is now an exquisite example of Spanish Colonial town planning and architecture and is a national monument and tourist destination.  During the latter half of the 20th century, the neighborhood and surrounding hillside were razed and leveled to make room for a textile manufacturing plant.  La Candelaria lies on the periphery of the historic city center, at the entrance to Cerro de la Cruz, an overlook that provides sweeping views of the city and the mountains beyond.  The plan seeks to revive the original neighborhood fabric.  The Master Plan features a diversity of housing sizes, retail space, two hotel sites, and three levels of underground parking.  The plan was design so that portions of the underground parking would serve tourists, thus easing parking concerns in the city’s core.  Castillo Arquitectos collaborated in the creation of this plan.