West Palm Beach City Commission Unanimously Approves Redesign of the 300 Block of Clematis Street


Slower, safer, curbless, shared space, with more shade, more seating, and more space for dining, bike parking, and walking – these are all features of a new design for the 300 block of Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, Florida. Dover, Kohl and Partners teamed with Kimley-Horn on this important street design adventure, working for the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), and with important partners like the City of West Palm Beach and the Downtown Development Authority.

“I am incredibly proud of the entire Clematis Streetscape design team,” said Mayor Jeri Muoio. “The designs they presented are thoughtful, putting people first, but also maintaining a balance of multiple interests. Through collaboration with area merchants, residents, community members who work or play downtown, and other stakeholders, they have created a beautiful space. I know with certainty these improvements will create greater quality of life for all - and will be the launching pad for continued enhancement to other City streets.”

Through a series of meetings and public engagement opportunities, we worked to visualize and present concepts for Clematis Street that reflect the community’s vision. The recommended street design will improve the public realm on Clematis Street through:

  • A curbless street which prioritizes the pedestrian
  • Wider sidewalks
  • An addition of 20 shade trees that will create comfortable space for people
  • Narrower traffic lanes that slow travel speed
  • Additional dining and seating areas
  • A new high-quality palette of materials designed with heat-absorption, permeability, longevity, maintenance and aesthetics in mind

We look forward to construction of this project starting this summer.