The idea of malama`aina – caring for, protecting and preserving the land – is a traditional value within the Hawaiian culture. The town of Pulelehua, located near the Kapalua Airport in West Maui, is an example of this philosophy put into practice. Developer Maui Land & Pineapple Company (ML&P), one of the largest employers on the island and owner of substantial land holdings, has pledged to engage in responsible stewardship of the environment. While the majority of the company’s land holdings are to remain in agriculture or preserved open space, Pulelehua will be established to serve a critical function – to provide affordable housing within close proximity to work for ML&P’s employees and other working families.

Led by Dover, Kohl & Partners, a plan for a compact, sustainable community of three distinct neighborhoods was designed to offer a mix of uses, housing types, and activities to support a diverse population. Affordable and market-rate housing options as well as live-work units, retail, and office locations are seamlessly integrated within a network of connected streets, green space, and walking and bike trails. A holistic community, Pulelehua also respects the area’s natural beauty and fragile ecosystems with the careful placement of buildings and streets. By providing the opportunity for people to live close to where they work, the town will increase quality of life by decreasing daily commutes and traffic congestion. Additional consultants who contributed to the development of this plan were Chael, Cooper & Associates, Hall Planning & Engineering, and Seth Harry & Associates.