Dover, Kohl & Partners carefully selects from among government-sponsored Requests for Proposal or Qualifications (RFPs/RFQs). We respond only to requests that match our strengths and availability, and then customize multi-disciplinary teams for the challenges presented by the specific project. We enjoy working for a wide range of public-interest clients including cities, counties, and community groups. If your agency is preparing to issue a major RFP/RFQ, please directly invite us to respond.

There are other ways to work together, too.

Many municipal planning departments and economic development agencies create in-house comprehensive plans, special area plans, form-based codes, design standards, and street designs without relying heavily on outside consultants. But perhaps your in-house project could benefit from our expertise and support. Under affordable Extension of Staff contracts, we can create illustrative plans, renderings and infographics to add visuals to your plans. We can also host workshops, stage exhibits, and create social media platforms that enhance your agency’s public engagement strategy.


Our Award-Winning Projects Include:

Plan El Paso

El Paso, Texas

The Capitol Corridor

Lansing, Michigan