Downtown Lemont Plan & Code


Illinois’ first comprehensive "town building" effort, the Lemont Downtown District, is a public/private partnership between the town builder, Marquette Companies, and the Village of Lemont. The project sets out to revitalize Downtown with $250 million in retail, residential and office development, as well as tourist attractions along the I&M Canal, while keeping the historic character intact.

The Dover-Kohl team was invited by Marquette Companies to assist in creating the revitalization plan.  The team began its analysis of the site and surrounding areas, documenting important views, special features and buildings that were either historic or contributive to the town’s character.  The historic buildings were used to shape the design of infill buildings to ensure that the distinct charm of Lemont is preserved.  Existing views consisted of clear site lines to buildings such as the old school house and to many of the church steeples in town.  Future development will be geared to enhance the urban realm while respecting and maintaining these spectacular street views.  The consultant team included Hitchcock Design Group, J Eppink Partners, C.L.U.E. Group, and Robinson & Cole LLP.