Jamestown Mall Area Plan


Jamestown Mall opened in 1973 on the suburban fringe of the greater St. Louis metropolitan area in north St. Louis County. Since the opening of the mall, new regional shopping destinations located closer to larger populations of shoppers have dominated the trade area of Jamestown Mall causing a decline in sales and foot traffic. Today, the mall is characterized by vacant crumbling parking lots and undeveloped outparcels. Dover, Kohl & Partners was commissioned to create a conceptual plan for the redevelopment of the Jamestown Mall that balances the interests of the community, property owners, developers, and the County. It was determined that in order for the site to compete with the newer retail formats emerging closer to large concentrations of consumers, the Jamestown Mall site needs to become a walkable environment, with shared parking, housing, and workplaces in a mixed environment that provides on-site support for retail activities. The plan envisions a community that provides opportunities for families to live in a walkable village, close to shops and employment, and sets a vision for a high quality of design and construction.