Curridabat Master Plan


Dover-Kohl collaborated with lead firm Castillo Arquitectos to produce a vision for a reimagined city focused on urbanism and walkability, and resulting in the adoption of the first Form-Based Code in Costa Rica. Curridabat is a town on the outskirts of the Costa Rican captial of San José that has been struggling with uncontrolled suburban expansion for decades. A hands-on session fully open to the public was held in December of 2011. The standing-room only session was a big success and broke barriers for Latin American planning. The design team then took the ideas gathered from the community, and synthesized them into a vision for the future. The ideas gathered during the week-long charrette formed the basis for the form-based code focused on increasing walkability and decreasing congestion resulting from aimless suburban growth.

The Curridabat Master Plan and Form-Based Code was awarded a Charter Award of Excellence for "Best City Plan" by the Congress for the New Urbanism in 2014.