Canal Village Revitalization


The City of Mount Vernon’s Canal Village Revitalization Plan is the result of two planning grants that the City received from the New York Department of State under the Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) Program and the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP).  The southeastern part of Mount Vernon, named the Canal Village, is mostly an industrial and commercial area that is adjacent to the Hutchinson River. The Canal Village Revitalization Plan creates new opportunities for new and existing businesses, dining, entertainment and recreational activities while increasing waterfront access without polluting the Hutchinson River. The purpose for the plan is to transform the Canal Village into an attractive, desirable, and economically vital neighborhood through the growth of existing businesses by capitalizing on opportunities in the food and supply industries, and the recreation retail industry.

A vision for the Canal Village was established through a series of workshops and stakeholder meetings, that includes development at key intersections within the area, proposed street improvements, expanded and rejuvenated parks and trails, and improved recreational opportunities at Hutchinson Park and Memorial Field. Existing land ownership, land use patterns, and regulations were examined to identify opportunities and strategic locations to encourage development. Together, these elements will create a neighborhood that improves the walkability and atmosphere of the area while maintaining its historic industrial character.