Scheduled to close in 2011, the 3,000+ acre Brunswick Naval Air Station offers an ideal redevelopment opportunity for the region. The Brunswick Local Redevelopment Authority (BLRA), responsible for establishing a reuse plan and land development regulations for the site, created a preferred master reuse plan that divides the base into nine land use districts that range in intensity and type of use, from airport operations to residential and mixed-use areas to open space. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has long been involved in overseeing cleanup of Superfund sites on the base, wanted to ensure that the BLRA’s reuse plan and zoning regulations for the land were also environmentally-sensitive, and offered to fund technical assistance to the plan. Understanding that Smart Growth is an important part of environmentally-sound development, the EPA hired Dover, Kohl & Partners to illustrate how pedestrian-friendly, high-quality, neighborhood development could be arranged on the naval base in accordance with the BLRA’s preferred master reuse plan.