Dover-Kohl Participates in Art Deco Weekend

On Sunday, January 15, Jason King, Principal at Dover, Kohl & Partners, will be presenting at a panel discussion about the future of Miami Beach with reference to Seven50, the Regional Plan for Southeast Florida and Plan NoBe, the plan for North Beach. Climate change, sea level rise, strengthening storms, bigger beaches, the opening of Cuba, the changing Miami Beach demographic, and major transportation investments will all be discussed at the panel discussion entitled:

“40 More Years of Fabulous: Structural Visions of Miami Beach” will take place at 3PM, in the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum, Washington Avenue, Miami Beach. The event is part of Art Deco Weekend.

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North Beach Master Plan Unanimously Approved

The North Beach Master Plan was unanimously approved by the Miami Beach City Commission on Wednesday, October 19. Mayor Philip Levine said "It's North Beach's time. It's exciting to see the community come together in a positive way." The plan has been in the making for the past year and involved more than 1,000 interested residents and stakeholders during an intensive open planning process, including property owners, neighbors, merchants, developers, environmental specialists, historic preservationists and community leaders.

Plan NoBe provides the basis for public policy in the North Beach area of the City of Miami Beach regarding physical development. Plan NoBe establishes priorities for public-sector action while simultaneously providing direction for complementary private-sector decisions. The Plan and its guidelines serve as a tool to evaluate new development proposals, direct capital improvements, and to guide public policy in a manner that ensures North Beach continues to be the community that its residents want it to be. The Plan contains illustrative plans, diagrams, maps, and pictures to make concepts clear and accessible to City officials, residents, developers, community groups, and other stakeholders.


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Dover-Kohl Projects Win Charter Awards

Two Dover-Kohl projects were recognized with awards by the Congress for the New Urbanism last week at CNU 24 in Detroit:

South Main in Buena Vista, Colorado won a Charter Award for the Neighborhood, District, and Corridor. South Main is a town extension that reconnects the small town of Buena Vista to the Arkansas River. The growing neighborhood maintains public access to the river, creates a high-quality riverfront space, establishes visual and physical connections with Main Street and downtown Buena Vista, and creates a walkable environment through a mixture of uses and a network of pedestrian connections.

Seven50: Southeast Florida Prosperity Plan won a Merit Award for the Region, City, and Town. Seven50 ("seven counties, 50 years") is a blueprint for growing a more prosperous and resilient Southeast Florida during the next 50 years and beyond. The plan works to encourage socially inclusive communities, a vibrant and robust economy, and careful stewardship of the fragile Southeast Florida ecosystem as it quickly becomes one of the world’s most important mega-regions.

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Comprehensive Plan process Kicks-off in Laredo, Texas

Dover, Kohl & Partners is co-leading a team to produce the Comprehensive Plan for Laredo, Texas. A series of workshops, townhalls, and charrettes have been scheduled over the next few months to gather public input through a hands-on, collaborative process that will result in a better plan that reflects the concerns of the citizens of Laredo.

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Plan NoBe in the News

(Left to Right, front): Dover, Kohl & Partners' Principal Jason King, Planner Zach Parnas, and Project Director Hernan Guerrero participating in a bike tour as part of the North Beach Master Plan charrette.

(Left to Right, front): Dover, Kohl & Partners' Principal Jason King, Planner Zach Parnas, and Project Director Hernan Guerrero participating in a bike tour as part of the North Beach Master Plan charrette.

Jason King, Principal, and Hernan Guerrero, Project Director, led a bike tour as part of the North Beach Master Plan charrette which recently attracted the attention of national media. 

As the future of coastal cities has become a worldwide discussion the Plan for North Beach is being followed on the national and international stage. 

The tour included local environmental activists, historic preservationists, developers, neighbors and business owners.

"This is really North Beach's time," says King. While other surrounding areas, namely South Beach, have seen growth, King believes that "the development community is looking toward North Beach for opportunities."

Dover-Kohl continues their work on the "Plan NoBe" Master Plan, expected to be completed this fall. Community members and those interested in the plan can do so by visiting the project website.


For more on Plan NoBe in the news, visit: The Real Deal; Miami Herald; Miami New Times


Victor's talk on "The Streets of Livable Cities" and the future growth of Venice

In January, Victor Dover helped kick off the 2016 Speakers Series presented by the Venice Museum & Archives: “Design for Living; John Nolen and the Renaissance of New Urbanism." His talk on “The Streets of Livable Cities” served to further discussions among community members about the future growth of Venice, FL.

His talk and these discussions are further explored in a recent article by News Editor Greg Giles in the Venice Gondolier Sun. 

Introducing the New

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Victor Dover to Kick off 2016 Speakers Series "Design for Living"

Victor Dover will kick off the 2016 Speakers Series presented by the Venice Museum & Archives: “Design for Living; John Nolen and the Renaissance of New Urbanism." Victor will speak on “The Streets of Livable Cities” at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Venice Community Center, 3236 Nokomis Ave. S., Venice.

James Dougherty Presented at the Marcel Breuer Doctoral School


James Dougherty, Dover-Kohl’s Director of Design, was honored at the invitation to present on “New Urbanism” at the Marcel Breuer Doctoral School of the University of Pécs in Hungary.  

James’ presentation focused on the important work New Urbanists are doing to improve peoples’ quality of life by building and repairing cohesive settlements, reducing dependence on the automobile, and improving the environmental performance of our cities and towns. 

The well-received presentation also covered the origins of New Urbanism, key principles of the Movement, and discussion of a wide range of project types being implemented.