Dover, Kohl & Partners was founded in 1987. Our expertise lies in balancing the visionary ‘civic art’ of planning with the practical consensus building needed to make projects succeed. We are trained in the principles of sustainable town planning, and have perfected techniques for documenting and understanding local traditions in building to enhance each community’s sense of place.

Our plans and codes focus on smart growth, sustainability, and emphasizing that there does not have to be a trade-off between livability, economic prosperity, and environmental concerns. Victor Dover and Joseph Kohl are charter members of the Congress for the New Urbanism and have worked for many public agencies, developers, and citizen groups to create appropriate methods of land development regulations. Victor Dover served on the LEED for Neighborhood Development Core Committee, and the Congress for the New Urbanism Board; both Joseph and Victor are founding members and on the Board of the Form-Based Codes Institute. The firm has produced and facilitated over 200 charrettes during the last decade.


Dover-Kohl currently has a staff of 14, based in Coral Gables, FL. Our experience includes a national and international portfolio of work in a variety of settings. The common thread is the holistic approach to sustainable community building, which includes the formation of complete settlements offering a mix of uses and dwelling types, an interconnected network of walkable streets, and building forms and architecture that reinforce the distinctiveness of the place. We believe that design is the missing element in much of contemporary town planning, and our work centers on re-introducing form and design into master plans, policy and land development regulations. Dover-Kohl maintains tight working relationships with collaborators and subconsultants in fields including transportaion planning, urban economics, land use law, and historic preservation. In addition, Dover-Kohl works closely on many projects with our affiliated architecture firm, Chael Cooper & Associates.



Victor Dover, FAICP, LEED-AP, CNU-A

Founding Principal

Joseph Kohl, CNU-A

Founding Principal

James Dougherty, AICP, CNU-A, ASAI

Principal, Director of Design

Amy Groves, AICP, CNU-A

Principal, Vice President

Jason King, AICP, CNU-A

Principal, Vice President


Adam Bonosky, NCARB, CNU-A

Town Planner

Jennifer García, CNU-A

Town Planner

Kenneth García, CNU-A

Town Planner

Emily Glavey, Assoc. AIA

Town Planner

Luiza Leite, Assoc. AIA

Town Planner

Pamela Stacy King, CNU-A

Town Planner

Robert Gray

Business Development Officer


Kristen Thomas

Office Manager

Leslie Thomas

Network Administrator


Numerous Dover-Kohl projects have received American Planning Association (APA) Awards, including the Downtown Plan for Richmond, VA, the Downtown Plan and for Montgomery, AL, and the Jamestown Mall Area Plan in St. Louis, MO. The firm has also received Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) Charter Awards for I’On in Mount Pleasant, SC; City Plan 2025 for Fayetteville, AR; Glenwood Park in Atlanta, GA; South Main in Buena Vista, CO; and the Columbia Pike corridor in Arlington County, VA. The EPA awarded Plan El Paso a 2011 National Award for Smart Growth Excellence in Programs, Policies, and Regulations. Dover-Kohl’s work has received the Driehaus Form-Based Codes Award three times since its inception in 2007 for Towns, Villages, Countryside Land Development Regulations in St. Lucie County, Florida; the Compact Communities Code for Lee County, Florida; and the 2012 award for the Bradenton, Florida Form-Based Code.


Award of Excellence for Best Practice: Seven50: Southeast Florida Regional Partnership Plan
American Planning Association, Florida Chapter, Gold Coast Section, 2014

Benjamin Banneker Award for Outstanding Social Commitment and Community Initiatives for the Columbia Pike Neighborhoods Area Plan

American Planning Association National Capital Area Chapter, 2012

Comprehensive Planning Award for Plan El Paso

American Planning Association Texas Chapter, 2012

Outstanding Plan Award: Jamestown Mall Area Plan

American Planning Association Missouri Chapter, 2012

John Nolen Medal for Contributions to Urbanism in Florida

Florida Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism, 2010

Neighborhood Design Award: Glenwood Park

International Making Cities Livable, 2010

Faculty Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Profession

University of Miami School of Architecture, 2009

Outstanding Master Planning Project, Award of Excellence for the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Campus Master Plan

Florida American Planning Association, Gold Coast Section, 2009

Outstanding Master Planning Project, Award of Merit for The Hometown Plan: South Miami, FL

Florida American Planning Association, Gold Coast Section, 2009

Outstanding Planning Award for a Plan: Montgomery Downtown Plan and SmartCode

Alabama State Chapter of the American Planning Association (ALAPA), 2008

Achievement in Comprehensive Plan Development Award for the City Plan 2025

American Planning Association, Arkansas Chapter, 2006

Current Topic Award: Housing Choice and Affordability for the Pulelehua Master Plan

American Planning Association Hawaii Chapter, 2005

Charter Award of Excellence for Glenwood Park

Congress for the New Urbanism, 2003


Charter Award of Excellence for I’On

Congress for the New Urbanism, 2003

Award for an Outstanding Planning Project in the Small Jurisdiction presented to North Augusta Riverfront

South Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association, 2002

Place Planning Award: Collier County Community Character Plan

Environmental Design Research Association / Places Journal, 2002

Platinum Award for Best Smart Growth Community in the Nation: I'on Village

National Association of Homebuilders, 2001

Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution for the Mobility Study for Outstanding Public Participation and Planning

The Planning Commission (Tampa), 1998

Certificate of Appreciation for the Winter Park Mobility Study

American Institute of Architects, 1998

Ten Successes of the New Urbanism: Port Royal Master Plan

Congress for the New Urbanism, 1996


Our work has been published in Progressive Architecture, in Metropolitan Home, in numerous planning journals, and has been featured on National Public Radio, CNN’s Earthwatch, and in BusinessWeek. Dover-Kohl projects have also been profiled in The New Urbanism by Peter Katz, Rural By Design by Randall Arendt, Sustainable Urbanism by Douglas Farr, Retrofitting Suburbia by Ellen Dunham-Jones, Form-Based Codes by Daniel Parolek, as well as Land Use Strategies and Public Participation Tools, both published by the Center for Livable Communities.

Victor Dover and John Massengale’s new book, Street Design: The Secret to Great Cities and Towns, is on bookshelves now. Writing the book has helped the Dover-Kohl team reach a new understanding of the possibilities for streets in American cities in modern times. Dover Kohl especially understands how to preserve local distinctiveness and a sense of place while also enhancing usability for all modes of travel – pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit users – and creating great addresses.



The Secret to Great Cities and Towns

Victor Dover and John Massengale take a close look at streets old and new, show us what works and what doesn't, and reveal the details behind beautiful, walkable places.

This transformative, illustrated guide reveals:

  • Over 150 excellent streets, why they are successful, and how they were created
  • Crucial elements that many modern street designs lack
  • Step-by-step instructions for designing new streets and fixing existing ones to create a more desirable-- and more valuable-- village, town or metropolis
  • More than 500 photos and drawings, most never before published
  • Favorite streets and street-making stories from Leon Krier, Gianni Longo, Gabriele Tagliaventi, John Norquist, and more than a dozen other leading design experts
  • Street Design is essential reading for anyone who wants to make their community more livable. Discover why some streets are not merely routes to someplace else, but the great addresses to which other routes lead.

In stores and online - Order it from Amazon.


Books About Dover-Kohl's Work

Designed for the Future

By Jared Green

(Essay by Victor Dover)

Charter of the New Urbanism

By Congress for the New Urbanism

(Essay by Victor Dover)

Home From Nowhere: Remaking Our Everyday World for the 21st Century

By James Howard Kunstler

(See Ch. 11, "Remodeling Hell," to read Dover-Kohl's thoughts on fixing suburban sprawl in Florida)


Other Writings

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Article in July/August 2005 Apartment Finance Today

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Disaster Digest December 2009, by Elma Felix, Andrew Georgiadis and Chris Podstawski

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