Dover, Kohl & Partners was founded in 1987. Our expertise lies in balancing the visionary ‘civic art’ of planning with the practical consensus building needed to make projects succeed. We are trained in the principles of sustainable town planning, and have perfected techniques for documenting and understanding local traditions in building to enhance each community’s sense of place.

Our plans and codes focus on smart growth, sustainability, and emphasizing that there does not have to be a trade-off between livability, economic prosperity, and environmental concerns. Victor Dover and Joseph Kohl are charter members of the Congress for the New Urbanism and have worked for many public agencies, developers, and citizen groups to create appropriate methods of land development regulations. Victor Dover served on the LEED for Neighborhood Development Core Committee, and the Congress for the New Urbanism Board; both Joseph and Victor are founding members and on the Board of the Form-Based Codes Institute. The firm has produced and facilitated over 200 charrettes during the last decade.