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Dover-Kohl Projects Receive CNU Charter Awards

Two projects that Dover-Kohl participated in received Charter Awards from the Congress for the New Urbanism this week.

Plan El Paso was recognized, as Michael Kelly—director of programs for Paso Del Norte Health Foundation—states, for laying “the groundwork for how to create…a healthier city and region.” Unanimously approved by the City Council in March of 2012, the Plan lead by Dover-Kohl identified new capital projects, new land development policies, a focus on Transit Oriented Development (TOD), a new Thoroughfare plan for the entire City and County, and a form-based SmartCode coding for large sections of the City. Within the first three years of the Plan’s adoption, the city built a new baseball stadium downtown, created parks and renovated public spaces, completed future land-use plans based on the SmartCode, and streamlined permitting for developers using the code. 

Code SMTX in San Marcos, Texas may be one of the very least expensive winners of the CNU Charter awards. For one day in June 2014, the City of San Marcos and Dover, Kohl & Partners, joined by The Street Plans Collaborative, helped re-envision downtown utilizing tactical urbanism—yielding low cost/high gain, long-term change. Among several creative elements employed included converting two blocks of street from one-way to two-way traffic using temporary paint; installation of a temporary two-way cycle track; an adjacent block was closed to create a farmer’s market, and creating “pop-up” parks built onto parking areas. This event kicked-off a week-long charrette by Dover, Kohl & Partners to develop a proposed form-based code. The team effectively engaged the city, the public, and transportation engineers. In the end, the City of San Marcos presented a recommendation of changes in full detail, with correct widths for sidewalks, travel lanes, and on-street parking-everything demonstrated, proven, and publicized in the SMTX project, ready for permanent implementation.

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The Bridge as Public Space: Plan El Paso cited in a recent TEDx talk by Carlos Gallinar

Carlos Gallinar, El Paso’s Deputy Director for City Development and Planning, recently gave a TEDx talk about the healing and humane benefits that could be realized with a true bi-national civic space bridging the border between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. Such a civic space was envisioned in George Kessler’s historic 1925 City Plan for El Paso. This vision was reinvigorated in Plan El Paso, the update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan produced by Dover, Kohl & Partners, and adopted in 2013.


It's More Than Baseball features Jason King from Dover-Kohl

Jason King talks about the new Triple-A Baseball ballpark under construction in El Paso, Texas as part of a series by filmmaker Peter Svarzbein. In Part 1 of It’s More Than Baseball Jason talks briefly about how the ballpark can help realize goals fromPlan El Paso, the city’s comprehensive plan. Dover, Kohl & Partners lead a multi-disciplinary team to create the city’s plan which involved thousands of residents over two years. Plan El Paso was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2012 and is playing an important part in shaping the city’s future. Dover Kohl works to advise El Paso on plan implementation and large projects like the stadium.

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Northgate Redevelopment Moves Forward

The largest redevelopment project the City of El Paso has ever taken on is moving closer to reality. The 30 acre site in Northeast El Paso was originally a shopping center built in the 1960s that had lost its economic advantages to newer retail models. The mall complex sat vacant and unused before the city purchased it for demolition. As part of Plan El Paso, the city’s new comprehensive plan, Dover-Kohl designed a mixed-use walkable neighborhood anchored by a new transit terminal to replace the vacant structure. 

The new transit terminal will be a major stop for one of the city’s new bus rapid transit lines. The city recently received a federal grant to build the transit terminal that will make it possible to move quickly and efficiently between the new mixed-use development and Downtown El Paso. 

The city, meanwhile, is in the final stages of selecting a developer for the rest of the site following an RFP process for which three different developers submitted plans to implement the plans drawn up during Plan El Paso. The mixed-use transit-oriented development could break ground as early as next year. 

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