Monterey FORA Charrette

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Dover, Kohl & Partners will be in Monterey,CA from February 2-11 2015, working on Regional Urban Design Guidelines for the former Fort Ord. Dover-Kohl is preparing for an extensive public process, with a design consortium, hands-on sessions and four different mobile charrettes through the region. The project team includes a number of experts, including Jeff Speck, Peter Katz, Bill Lennertz from the National Charrette Institute, Alta Planning + Design, and Strategic Economics.

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Capitol Corridor Plan Adopted by Tri-County Regional Planning Commision

On Febuary 26, 2014 The Capitol Corridor plan was presented to a formal meeting of the Tri-County Regional Planning Commision that voted to accept the report on the spot. Following a year-long process working under the leadership of the National Charrette Institute (NCI), Dover-Kohl led two 7-8 day charrettes along the Michigan Avenue / Grand River Avenue corridor that provided the opportunity for an in-depth community conversation about the future urban form of the corridor, and produced a consensus-based vision for urban design, land use, transportation, and economic development.