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Plan NoBe in the News

(Left to Right, front): Dover, Kohl & Partners' Principal Jason King, Planner Zach Parnas, and Project Director Hernan Guerrero participating in a bike tour as part of the North Beach Master Plan charrette.

(Left to Right, front): Dover, Kohl & Partners' Principal Jason King, Planner Zach Parnas, and Project Director Hernan Guerrero participating in a bike tour as part of the North Beach Master Plan charrette.

Jason King, Principal, and Hernan Guerrero, Project Director, led a bike tour as part of the North Beach Master Plan charrette which recently attracted the attention of national media. 

As the future of coastal cities has become a worldwide discussion the Plan for North Beach is being followed on the national and international stage. 

The tour included local environmental activists, historic preservationists, developers, neighbors and business owners.

"This is really North Beach's time," says King. While other surrounding areas, namely South Beach, have seen growth, King believes that "the development community is looking toward North Beach for opportunities."

Dover-Kohl continues their work on the "Plan NoBe" Master Plan, expected to be completed this fall. Community members and those interested in the plan can do so by visiting the project website.


For more on Plan NoBe in the news, visit: The Real Deal; Miami Herald; Miami New Times


Victor Dover to Kick off 2016 Speakers Series "Design for Living"

Victor Dover will kick off the 2016 Speakers Series presented by the Venice Museum & Archives: “Design for Living; John Nolen and the Renaissance of New Urbanism." Victor will speak on “The Streets of Livable Cities” at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Venice Community Center, 3236 Nokomis Ave. S., Venice.

James Dougherty Presented at the Marcel Breuer Doctoral School


James Dougherty, Dover-Kohl’s Director of Design, was honored at the invitation to present on “New Urbanism” at the Marcel Breuer Doctoral School of the University of Pécs in Hungary.  

James’ presentation focused on the important work New Urbanists are doing to improve peoples’ quality of life by building and repairing cohesive settlements, reducing dependence on the automobile, and improving the environmental performance of our cities and towns. 

The well-received presentation also covered the origins of New Urbanism, key principles of the Movement, and discussion of a wide range of project types being implemented.

Dover, Kohl & Partners Continues its Work in Albany, NY

In what is proving to be a rewarding collaboration between consultant, the City, and community, Dover, Kohl & Partners is once again at work with the community of Albany, New York. Back in May of this year, Dover-Kohl worked closely with Clarion and the City for ReZone Albany's Warehous District Design Workshop. Dover-Kohl and the City have now turned their attention to the South End community this week. As part of the workshop, members of the public got together in small groups to discuss the community's future and what that could look like. 

Albany’s “South End” is bounded by the City limits to the south, the Hudson River to the east, and following Frisbee Avenue to Empire State Plaza along the west. The South End includes a diverse community with a mix of residential neighborhoods, public and private investments, as well as commercial and industrial areas.  
As Christopher Spencer, Albany's planning director said to us of the overall Rezone Albany project: "We want to have the right rules in place to get what the community is looking for." 

On Our Wheels

Watch three young professionals do a radical thing in this short film, "On Our Wheels," created for WHEELS week, a mega-event spotlighting quicker, cheaper, healthier, more environmentally-friendly ways of getting around. More info at

This video was made possible by a grant from Green Mobility Network.

People on WHEELS

This short PSA shows how folks in greater Miami are using bikes, trails and transit-- and combinations of all three-- to move around without sitting in traffic jams. Created for WHEELS week, a five-day mega-event spotlighting quicker, cheaper, healthier, more environmentally friendly ways of getting around. More info at

This video was made possible by a grant from Green Mobility Network.


Victor Dover Closes NACTO 15 Conference with Great Streets, Great Cities

Dover, Kohl, & Partners is honored to have Victor Dover serve as the closing plenary speaker at this year's NACTO  conference.  The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) is a non-profit association that represents large cities on transportation issues of local, regional and national significance.

This year's Designing Cities conference, held in Austin, Texas from October 28-31, allows transportation leaders and practitioners from across the country to discuss key trends in urban street design and transportation policy. Also, local leaders  can exchange best practices with major city transportation, and private-sector, stakeholders  committed to a common vision toward more vibrant, sustainable cities of tomorrow.

Victor will present "Great Streets, Great City," asking the question 'How can we elevate our cities by creating streets that are not just transportation corridors, but also beautiful and memorable places?' Through his closing remarks, Victor will be share inspiring images and examples from the great cities and boulevards of history. Showcasing the specific design elements that add up to great, inviting streets and cities, he’ll challenge city transportation engineers to expand their role toward moving beyond signage, striping and bollards to thoughtfully create handsome streets that generate civic pride.

Dover, Kohl & Partners Participates in Environmental Leadership Summit

The Environmental Leadership Summit is being hosted on the Miami-Dade College Wolfson campus, from October 1 through Saturday October 3. Developed by Tropical Audubon and Earth Ethics Institute, the series of lectures and workshops aim to educate, inspire and empower individuals toward a more sustainable way of life.

Jason King—Vice President and Principal of Dover, Kohl & Partners—was one of the invited panelists for “Live Like You Live Here,” a presentation  within the series that discussed topics such as living between two national parks, green urban design, and smart growth.

Tropical Audubon Society  has been one of South Florida's voice of conservation for over 100 years.  Their mission is to conserve and restore South Florida ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife and their habitats.

Earth Ethics Institute provides resources, workshops, and programs for the Miami-Dade College community that encourage the integration of the knowledge, values and skills needed for a sustainable way of life into all practices and disciplines. The institute fosters an awareness of global interdependence, ecological integrity through biological diversity, and the natural processes that sustain life.

To find out more about the summit, visit the Earth Ethics Institute website.