Pamela King promoted to Studio Director at Dover, Kohl & Partners Town Planning

Pam 3.png

We’re pleased to announce that, effective immediately, Pamela Stacy King, CNU-a has been promoted to Studio Director at Dover, Kohl & Partners Town Planning. This is in recognition of her newly expanded role, in which Pam will oversee the production of plans, reports, and codes to ensure they are easily understood and embody DK&P’s best practices.

Pam is now paired with Studio Design Lead Kenneth Garcia to manage the workflow, matching DK&P’s growing staff to our diverse roster of projects.

For twelve-plus years as a project director and town planner at DK&P, Pam has helped dozens of cities and towns around the USA form a clearer vision for their future. She works with multi-disciplinary teams of professionals who collaborate with stakeholders, business owners and residents to produce the tools that will give life to those visions. Pam brings her knowledge of urban design-- and her track record for thoroughness and collaboration-- to every assignment.  In addition to directing projects, Pam has co-authored reports, crafted form-based codes, drawn up neighborhood designs, reviewed plans, and made policy recommendations for a wide-ranging clientele. Pam has been instrumental in building our firm’s Comprehensive Plan portfolio by putting the work on a firm schedule, helping devise the plans, and editing them with a sharp eye. She is often the lead designer on illustrative plans for neighborhoods, working closely with developers and citizens to envision more walkable and sustainable places.

Pam’s background includes urban design, architecture, transportation, development regulations, and working with construction managers. Her skills span the whole range of built environment design, from the scale of the individual lot to that of the city; her writings, plans and diagrams have appeared in numerous national publications. A resident of South Miami, Pam holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Miami School of Architecture, is certified by the National Charrette Institute, and is accredited by the Congress for the New Urbanism.